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Well, first I need you to be open.  Just by you being here is a huge step.  It proves to me that you have hope.  Hold onto this.  We need it, especially when times are troubled.  Brene Brown writes that “hope is a function of struggle.”  In other words, when we are in crisis it is the speck of hope that gets us to the other side.  It makes us get up in the morning even if we hate our job.  It makes us work out even if we are feeling miserable.  It makes us be a part of the world even after scanning the news. It makes us show up to therapy even if we don’t want to talk.  So if you’re reading this now and you feel like absolute crap, know that somewhere in you lies hope.  You want to feel better. And I’m here to help you.  

I have an office in Manhattan across from the Empire State Building and a home office in Plainfield, NJ, but for the foreseeable future I will be seeing all of my clients remotely.  I do understand that there are some therapists who are seeing their clients in person, but I will err on the side of caution for myself, my family, you and your family and loved ones.  As I have been living this quarantine one day at a time, I’ll continue to do so until we can really see some progress and/or a vaccine.  

Virtual sessions work.  We both need to bring an openness and willingness to develop this new relationship through our screens.  I would prefer us being able to see one another, but I do understand the awkwardness of seeing oneself on the screen, the exhaustion of being onscreen all day for job stuff, et al. In those cases, the phone can work fine.  I just want you to feel as comfortable as possible as we begin this work. 


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