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Thanks to my past support systems and the hundreds and hundreds of people I have hired, managed, coached and sometimes terminated, I have learned much about how we operate in various systems. These systems can be work, classroom, teams, families, marriages, to name a few. It’s important to me and the people I see to identify and examine how we behave, respond, react in these assorted worlds we inhabit. By examining this, we can narrow in to determine how your history, faulty thinking and negative beliefs about yourself may be affecting your overall emotional health.

I do not have all of the answers. I’m not supposed to. But I do have a keen understanding of where I think we should look. And I will be an active part of this great adventure. In some of my past experiences with therapy, I was not always thrilled with what may have been uncovered, but I was grateful enough to know that this moment of understanding and clarity would serve me well going forward. Sometimes we just need to know that we may be humbled during the process. And being humbled can be a good thing. And being sad can be a good thing. And embarrassed. And angry. Because all of these are temporary. We experience, we take it in, we hopefully learn and we move on.

My clientele reflects the diversity of our region. Mostly men, they are both gay and straight. They work in finance, law, publishing, theater, advertising. As a gay man married for over 20 years, I know a thing or two about relationships. As a dad to a teen who just started driving, I can understand and empathize with the challenges of parenting. As a guy who recently lost his parents, I can mourn with you the losses you have experienced. During these times, we have talked of the psychological toll of unemployment, managing the feelings of paralysis and fear of change, expressing worry about the future, working from home, being alone or with your partner and kids 24/7 and the challenges that arise. There is so much we are being forced to deal with, and we really weren’t given much notice, let alone training. This can all be too much at times. We are in this together.

I use “we” a lot. is no secret that we are in a moment where the world seems very uneven and we may be feeling even more vulnerable than we have in the past. COVID-19, BLM, unemployment, climate change, and so much more. It is extremely hard some mornings to not scan the news and find that creeping sense of hopelessness and helplessness wafting through our souls. I get it. I feel it, too. And this does come up in sessions, believe me. But we also need to carve out some time to look at you. Just you. We do not want to find (Didion) “no one at home.” I bring an understanding to your story.


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