Why I Do This...

I am very fortunate to have found a profession that fulfills me. Trust me when I say that this was not always the case. After graduating from college and moving to New York from Michigan, I worked in the fashion industry for just over 11 years. I had some wins, but a lot of misses. Through those years, I learned a lot about the world and the expectations I have for myself in addition to what I felt others were expecting from me. I learned about self-respect and how we sometimes need to fight to claim it. And every day I try to bring that to my clients, my family, my friends, and to myself. We cannot forget about ourselves. The Didion quote on my home page is a loving reminder.

I do this because I was fortunate enough in my past to have received some amazing help from therapists, coaches, colleagues, and clients I’ve had through my past volunteer work. It is now a cliche, but it does take a village. Whether they were aware or not, those individuals were helping to form the man I am today. And I suppose in some manner, I am paying back and thanking those who influenced me early on. To be able to have someone like you put their faith and trust in someone like me is truly a gift that I do not take lightly. I accept the bravery and vulnerability of each client to be an enormous responsibility. I want to see you reach your point of satisfaction and peace. And I’ll be your guide.


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